How to Download Android Update Link Through USB ?

1st Method.

1. Download the update
2. File name must be update and do not extract this file keep it
3. USB drive must be format with file system 32
4. Copy that file with the same name to the USB disk
5. Connect the Box with the USB Drive
6. Then you see a popup File Manager Click on Cancel
7. Enter settings -> Update surface -> click update
8. Here you see the msg Check version fail click on back button and choose Install
9. Wait 3-5 minutes, the box would reboot automatically.
10. Eject the USB drive

→   Press 89898989 on Home Screen to get Launcher Information. Here you get your Box Model & Vender ID.

How to Install Android Update on IPTV Box ?

2nd Method

→ Insert USB

→ Click Open

→ Click Applications

→ Select Update or Installed to find System Update.

Please click Open, it will go to update page.

⦁ If you find it in Update, Click System Update then it will update System Update APK.
⦁ If you find it in Installed, Please click System Update, then it will go to update page.

Update will Star automatically.